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Get kids outdoors and connecting with nature – it’s good for them.

We’re very lucky to live in a time where our children have more choice than ever before – choices around their food, clothes, after school activities and what they want to do with their playtime.

The staggering number and sophistication of modern computer games and consoles provide a huge temptation not just for children who can immerse themselves in these colourful, noisy and creative new worlds, but for parents who can make use of the relative quiet of screen time to get jobs done around the house, or as a bargaining tool for help with chores, homework time or good behaviour.  Let’s face it, computer games are here to stay and the magnetic draw to the PC/TV is only going to get stronger.

Which is why it’s more important than ever for us to create balance by giving our children another choice. A choice that a generation ago would have been the first choice, and possibly the only choice – outdoor playtime.

When we think back to our childhood while we may remember the games and toys we played with, the real nostalgia for our youth comes with recalling moments you can only appreciate (and get away with!) as a child – the wind rushing through your hair as you freewheel downhill having finally mastered two wheeled cycling, the feeling of dizziness after rolling down a steep hill – just because it was there, the sand in your toes as you walk along the beach searching for shells, the dirt in your fingernails after a day spent foraging for grubs, climbing trees and making mud pies.

At Wildchild we acknowledge the importance of reconnecting with nature for our generation and generations to come. We want to help parents restore balance by providing outdoor activities that inspire creativity, enjoyment and excitement beyond the confines of indoor play or even conventional sports. We want to encourage children to enjoy the freedom that comes with outdoor play. The freedom to run, shout, climb, forage, find and delight.

All our outdoor activities – whether school residential trips, school camp-outs,  enrichment and reward activities or after school clubs – are designed with the aim of getting children back to nature to do what they love best, but may not normally get the opportunity to do. A typical Wildchild outdoor adventure activity will see children fire lighting, tracking, navigating, wood carving, den building, abseiling and trail finding. Hands on physical activity goes hand in hand with the tactical thinking needed to crack codes, plan adventure trails and outsmart their opposing teams. These skills help build confidence, encourage good teamworking and provide invaluable survival techniques that children won’t find in the traditional education system.

Beyond a Wildchild activity session we do all we can to encourage the children, parents and teachers we work with to make outdoor play the norm for their children.  We hold a monthly competition on our Facebook page encouraging people to tell/show us how they’ve been having fun outdoors in return for prizes. We also support Project Wildthing with the fantastic work they are doing to encourage people to reconnect with nature. While we may be put off by the weather our children rarely are, so as long as it’s safe we say give them a pair of wellies, wrap them up warm, and get them outside! It’s free and they’re likely to enjoy it a whole lot more than an afternoon watching TV!

Lets give our children the memories and sensory pleasures we enjoyed most when we were young. It’s easy, all we have to do is open the door…

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