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Life is an adventure, so let’s show children how to make adventure a way of life!

About School Trip Organisers Wildchild Adventure

At Wildchild, we believe that children can uncover hidden skills and talents by connecting with the Great Outdoors. This can spill over into every area of their life, boosting self-esteem and motivating them to explore their potential for living life to the full.

We believe that every adventure we offer to children should do more than fill a few hours: it should involve and inspire them. Inspiration can take many forms: from discovering the first thrill of adventure to uncovering a talent they never knew they had, so we’re just as happy seeing a child build a camp in the woods as watching them run down a zipwire. In fact, we’re inspired by seeing children recognise these key moments of personal development outside the classroom.

“Wildchild’s ethos matches our own – teamwork, challenge and encouragement to face difficulties”.  Westfield Primary School

Our background

Parents ourselves, we have an innate love of outdoor adventure and care deeply about our children’s wellbeing. We know all about drawing the line between adventure and safety, state of the art screen-based education and simpler, more rugged experiences. We apply all we’ve learned from life to the Wildchild experience.

Our experience

We have been working with schools and delivering enrichment programmes and outdoor adventures for over 12 years. Everything we do is honed by constant, close consultation with teachers and we have the experience and know-how to tailor each experience to your needs, expectations and desired outcomes.

Our team

Our team all share the Wildchild ethos. As well as being superbly trained and professional, we select them for their passion, dedication and commitment to making each child’s experience memorable and inspiring.  We’re very proud of the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from schools returning year and year, crediting the personalised service and dedication of our staff.


A Wildchild residential adventure trip for schools gives children the opportunity to develop new skills and enjoy outdoor thrills. But it does far more than that. Above and beyond the fun and games, they discover more about themselves and we see positive changes in areas such as:

  • Relationship building
  • Taking personal responsibility and developing leadership skills
  • Building confidence and using this to learn new skills and explore new terrain
  • Working as a team
  • Discovering new talents
  • Building a sense of achievement through reaching set goals and overcoming obstacles
  • Connecting with the outdoors
  • Finding new sources of creativity, enjoyment and excitement


Value for money

We do everything we can to deliver value for money so the far-reaching benefits of outdoor adventure are accessible to as many children as possible. By offering bespoke programmes with a range of activities throughout the year we can fit in with your budget and remember: we have no minimum stay for residential visits.

  • "We cannot fault the professionalism, skill and enthusiasm of the staff. Every single member of the team worked very hard and we could not ask for more. They have the right balance of respect, discipline and keeping the fun element for the children."

  • "We had a brilliant three days – a real highlight of the year for children and adults! One teacher summed it up as “the highlight of my career”. The children loved it and are already excited about the next trip""

  • "The trip met our objectives and surpassed them. It gets better every year. We love the instructors as they are awesome role models."

  • "A fabulously engaging and inspiring visit for our children who would not get to experience these activities elsewhere."

  • "We were impressed with the practical nature of tasks rather than all about thrill-seeking. We loved the relaxed nature of our time, smooth transitions and patient, caring staff"

  • "Wildchild’s ethos matches our own – teamwork, challenge and encouragement to face difficulties."