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    Adventurous and skills-building activities designed to inspire a love of the great outdoors

    Our Activities

    Educate, Challenge, Play on a UK School Trip for KS1-3

    By encouraging children to try activities outside of their comfort zone and believe in their own abilities, a Wildchild UK school trip helps young people build confidence and independence, uncover hidden strengths and above all, have a lot of fun!

    “The activities were all really engaging – well planned and well resourced.  The mixture of activities was perfect”.  Fircroft Primary, Year 5

    Activities to suit any group

    According to Natural England, fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places; compared to half a generation ago.  At Wildchild we are passionate about reconnecting children to the outdoors and nature through engaging and educational activities.

    So whether you’re looking to strengthen your pupils’ connection with the outdoors or help them build independence, confidence and resilience, we’ve got the perfect Adventure for you!

    “Lots of activities provided a great opportunity for challenge and the team ‘pushed’ just enough.  This really helped build resilience and self-esteem”.  Markyate Primary School, Year 6


    Spending time in nature and the outdoors has been proven to better physical and mental health, increased creativity and the ability to problem solve, increase resilience and the ability to take risks.  Here at Wildchild engagement with the outdoors and nature is at the core of what we do, and we pride ourselves in creating exciting and educational school adventure trips.

    Wild Survivor Bushcraft

    Our Wild Survivor session is the perfect introduction to bushcraft, teaching children how to utilise our woodlands in a respectful way.  Exploring the essentials of survival; shelter, fire and food, groups of all ages have the opportunity to learn more about themselves, the outdoors and the practical use of the natural resources available to us.  Every Wild Survivor session finishes with the all-important ritual of toasting marshmallows on fires the children have built themselves!

    “The children loved Bushcraft and really enjoyed the knowledge they got from it” Rockingham Primary School, Year 6

    Wild Explorers

    Our Natural science curriculum usually focus on far off places.  This coupled with children spending less and less time spent in nature has resulted in a generation unable to identify the most common species.  Through fun, educational and interactive activities, our Wild Explorers session delivers a much-needed whistle stop tour of British nature and wildlife!

    Trees – An introduction to the largest of our living things.  Learn the basics of identification, life cycles and their connection to human history.

    Insects – From our largest living things to the smallest.  Children will collect and identify insects, getting close up and personal to combat their fears!

    Animals – Ever wondered how big an antler can grow, or why birds need feathers?  A chance to ask questions and share stores, taking part in woodland games to develop a better understanding of animal behaviour.

    Foraging – Year 5-7 pupils will learn about the practical applications, including food and medicine of our common species, finishing up with safely collecting and eating the common nettle before making into nettle soup or tea.

    “A really great experience for the children to have a balance of activities and to learn about the environment”. St Mary Magdalen’s, Year 6


    Our UK school trips offer a choice of outdoor adventurous activities, designed to enhance your bushcraft and nature-based programme by adding the element of challenge and adventure.  Depending on the age of your group, the location and duration of your trip, our challenging and exciting adventurous activities include, cratestacking, climbing, abseiling, high-ropes, archery and Pot-holing.

    “The activities were excellent and really took the girls out of their comfort zones”.  Streatham & Clapham High School, Year 4


    When children play, they solve problems, communicate with peers, think strategically and learn.  Some of our most important development comes from the opportunity to play and be ourselves.

    “If you watch a child playing outside, they’re just doing so many physical tasks, they run for hours, dig, climb.  If you told them to do it, they wouldn’t, but they want to because they’re playing”. Penny Wilson, 2021.

    Working together is at the core of all our adventures.  We encourage children to set team and individual goals, challenge themselves through perseverance, rather than competitiveness and support each other.  Using play, the outdoors and natural resources around us, our team-building challenges encourage collaborative working, improving communication and social skills.

    “Problem solving was brilliant.  It was so good to see the children we didn’t expect to flourish, blossom”.  Whytemead Primary School, Year 6

    Evening Activity Programme

    The adventure doesn’t stop when the sun goes down!   Our fun evening activity programme includes woodland games, cresta run toboggans, or even a mystery to solve in our Wild Cluedo Challenge! And of course no UK school trip would be complete without an evening of games, stories and singing around the campfire!

    “It’s been fun, outdoorsy, low-tech, educational, character-building, personally challenging and well done”.  George Tomlinson Primary School, Year 6

    To discuss a Wildchild trip in the UK for your school, click here or call us on 0845 3717099 now.

    • "A fantastic experience for both pupils and teachers. It's been fantastic to see the children grow with such amazing support around them""
      Markyate Primary School

    • "A perfect mix of adventurous and nature-based activities, delivered by wonderful staff in a lovely setting!""
      Fircroft Primary School

    • "It was the wholesome, outdoorsy experience these kids desperately need while growing up in London."
      Hugh Myddleton Primary School

    • "Provided the children with the independence we needed. It also created an experience they will never forget""
      Loose Primary School

    • "Wildchild’s ethos matches our own – teamwork, challenge and encouragement to face difficulties."
      Westfield Primary School

    • "Engaging, challenging, nurturing, taking all of us out of our comfort zones, connecting to the environment""
      Streatham and Clapham Prep

    • "Kids loved it and we are returning next year. Fantastic outdoor experience and different from PGL."
      Allfarthing Primary School