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How much? The real cost of expensive school trips

How much??? The real cost of expensive school trips No longer limited to the realms of elite private schools, residential school trips to far off and exotic destinations are rapidly becoming the norm across secondary and even primary schools across the country. Gorilla spotting in Borneo, film studies trips to Hollywood and netball trips to […]

// Added January 15, 2019

Give your pupils (and teachers) a digital detox in 2019

Treat your kids (and teachers!) to a digital detox in 2019 When looking ahead to a brand-new year, we often think of detoxing to improve our health – cut down on alcohol, eat healthier, meditate to reduce stress etc. Now of course there’s another type of detox to consider – the digital detox. Necessary due […]

// Added January 9, 2019

Top tips to help teachers and pupils get the most from a school residential trip

Overnight school trips are the highlight of most school children’s year – if not their entire school life! The chance to have some out of school fun time away from the classroom but with all their friends, AND they get to stay the night! How exciting is that? As a teacher, it’s just as refreshing […]

// Added April 5, 2018

Outdoor Adventure activities to celebrate 10 years of Wildchild!

Spending time outdoors is invaluable for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Just an hour of outdoor time can ease anxiety, reduce stress levels and improve our physical health. In a risk-averse society, with the ever-increasing lure of computer games and TV screens, it’s more important than ever that we teach children that it’s okay to […]

// Added April 5, 2018

School Residential trips aren’t just for Summer!

More and more schools UK-wide are offering their pupils the opportunity to take part in a summer residential school trip. Pupils look forward to it all year, knowing their hard work and dedication will be rewarded with a few days spent having fun and enjoying outdoor activities with their classmates before breaking up for the […]

// Added October 30, 2017

How teachers can reinvigorate children’s learning and reduce exam stress

With standardised tests now a common feature of Primary school education, and school performance measured largely on SATs results, children are under more pressure to achieve than ever before. Teachers are compelled to focus attention on the key subjects of Maths, English and Science, leaving less time for creative subjects like Art and Drama, that […]

// Added April 18, 2017

Why an outdoor education job could be the key to health and happiness

Work in outdoor education is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.   Outdoor education jobs offer the opportunity to work with children in a learning environment without the bureaucracy that comes with working in a school or formal establishment, and often without the extensive teaching qualification requirements. Flexible working hours, built-in access to […]

// Added December 13, 2016

Wildchild Adventure – supporting Brilliant Residential trips for schools

  At Wildchild we are proud to support Learning Away’s UK-wide campaign for Brilliant Residentials trips for schools. The result of research and analysis of 60 primary, secondary and special schools in the UK, the Brilliant Residentials campaign aims to make schools and parents aware of the importance of offering pupils, what they term, ‘brilliant’ […]

// Added November 1, 2016

5 great reasons to choose a Wildchild residential school trip

When it comes to booking your school residential trip there is a lot to consider – budget, location, activities and staffing to name just a few. Choosing the right residential school trip provider should be top of the list, and if you get that right they can help you plan all the logistics and make the […]

// Added November 4, 2015

Taking learning outside – the benefits of school residentials

Benefits of residential trips for schools More and more schools every year are acknowledging and embracing the importance of outdoor educational learning to the curriculum. 86% of primary schools and 99% of secondary schools offer their pupils at least one school residential trip opportunity during their time in school. Meaningful adventures More than just a fun […]

// Added September 24, 2014

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