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9 Essential Steps for a Successful Primary School Trip

Is there anything more exciting than planning a trip? It’s the highlight of the year for many children and offers a chance to learn outside the classroom. But running a primary school trip takes careful organising, or it quickly descends into stressful chaos. Whether you’re looking for a day out or week-long residential, we share […]

// Added September 11, 2020

How to promote Outdoor Learning in your school

A recent poll widely shared in the news reveals that 43% of children aren’t looking forward to days spent “cooped up in their classrooms.” As you prepare for students returning to school, could this be the perfect opportunity to consider how you use outdoor learning to deliver your curriculum? Pupils and teachers notice improvements in […]

// Added June 30, 2020

5 Exciting Nature Challenges for Outdoor Learning

Whether you’re a parent home schooling your children, or a teacher setting work for your class, nothing beats outdoor learning. Just ten minutes spent in nature can reduce anxiety and stress. With children increasingly stuck in front of screens, it’s vital to find novel ways to get them outside. Here at Wildchild we love having […]

// Added May 20, 2020

9 Simple Outdoor Learning Activities You Can Do at Home

Here at Wildchild we’re devastated that the corona virus means countless children are missing opportunities to get into nature.

// Added April 14, 2020

3 Easy Ways to Teach Your Class How to Lose on a Primary School Trip

3 Easy Ways to Teach Your Class How to Lose on a Primary School Trip What do you want the children in your class to achieve? More than good test results, you want resilience. But often we see children who have never been allowed to lose. It’s the end of the world to them. And […]

// Added April 14, 2020

Day Trip vs Residential: 6 Ways to Choose the Best UK School Trip

Teachers must make hard choices when it comes to UK school trips. You know children will benefit from a longer residential, but it’s a larger financial commitment for parents. You might be tempted to book day excursions in an attempt to save money. But could the benefits of a residential trip mean that day outings […]

// Added February 19, 2020

The Best Ways to Prepare Your Child for a School Trip

For many children, going on a school trip can seem daunting. But, with careful planning, you can prepare them for a wonderful time away. This parent guide covers: Why residential school trips are important Common worries children have How to talk about anxieties Practical things to do Staying on top of trip information It’s everything […]

// Added February 4, 2020

Why school outdoor adventure residential trips are the ideal mental health intervention

In October 2019 the Institute for Outdoor Learning published their statement of good practice around Outdoor Mental Health Interventions. The statement highlights the growing importance placed on outdoor learning beyond simply education, but for mental health and wellbeing. It has been created to support organisations like ours by laying out best practice in using outdoor […]

// Added November 7, 2019

How much? The real cost of expensive school trips

How much??? The real cost of expensive school trips No longer limited to the realms of elite private schools, residential school trips to far off and exotic destinations are rapidly becoming the norm across secondary and even primary schools across the country. Gorilla spotting in Borneo, film studies trips to Hollywood and netball trips to […]

// Added January 15, 2019

The benefits of a digital detox on a school trip

Treat your kids (and teachers!) to a digital detox in 2019 When looking ahead to a brand-new year, we often think of detoxing to improve our health – cut down on alcohol, eat healthier, meditate to reduce stress etc. Now of course there’s another type of detox to consider – the digital detox. Necessary due […]

// Added January 9, 2019

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