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    Building student character through residential trips

    Education for character The 2019 Ofsted Inspection Framework formalised recommendations to schools to consider as part of the curriculum character education and development for pupils, stating, “Schools have a statutory duty, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, to promote the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) development of pupils and prepare them for […]

    // Added July 26, 2022

    primary school children climbing zip wire

    Six reasons why more schools than ever are staying in the UK for their school trip (spoiler alert: it’s not because of Covid!)

    As the overseas travel industry looks set to enjoy a welcome boom following the lifting of Covid restrictions, the trend for school trips seems to be going in the opposition direction, with UK school trips gaining in popularity. And from conversations with school leaders, teachers and parents it’s clear the trend is set to continue […]

    // Added June 7, 2022

    children on fence on school trips

    School trips after the pandemic

    The impact of the pandemic and loss of school trips on children has been far-reaching and well documented. As parents and educators we have spent two years battling seemingly insurmountable challenges around learning loss, mental health and the ever-widening divide in educational attainment between those lucky enough to have the resources to continue learning through […]

    // Added March 4, 2022

    children on winter walk

    5 winter outdoor learning activities for schools

    It’s easy to get your students learning outside when the weather’s sunny and warm, isn’t it? But what about when it’s cold and wet? How can you provide outdoor learning activities and experiences for your students in the winter months? This year, it’s made even harder by the current lockdown restrictions caused by the COVID-19 […]

    // Added January 14, 2021

    boy with fire steel on bushcraft trips

    5 ways to get more from your School Bushcraft Trip

    This year has made us appreciate time spent outdoors in nature. What better way to promote outdoor learning than with a bushcraft trip for your students? Bushcraft trips help develop: Resilience Team-building skills Peer friendships Problem-solving abilities A love of nature Children explore fun survival skills like fire lighting and shelter building, whilst learning how […]

    // Added November 19, 2020

    back to school residential trip written in chalk

    Residential trips to benefit learning

    7 ways to use your residential trip back in the classroom We often put all our efforts into preparing for a residential school trip, but what about when it’s all over? How can you use it when you’ve returned to school? Residential trips take a lot of organising. But often we see them tacked onto […]

    // Added October 28, 2020

    Perfect Primary School Trip Planning

    9 Essential Steps for a Successful Primary School Trip Is there anything more exciting than planning a primary school trip? It’s the highlight of the year for many children and offers a chance to learn outside the classroom. But running a primary school trip takes careful organising, or it quickly descends into stressful chaos. Whether […]

    // Added September 11, 2020

    children wearing wellies for outdoor learning

    How to promote Outdoor Learning in school

    A recent poll widely shared in the news reveals that 43% of children aren’t looking forward to days spent “cooped up in their classrooms.” As you prepare for students returning to school, could this be the perfect opportunity to consider how you use outdoor learning to deliver your curriculum? Pupils and teachers notice improvements in […]

    // Added June 30, 2020

    boy in nature enjoying outdoor learning

    5 Wild Challenges for Outdoor Learning

    Whether you’re a parent home schooling your children, or a teacher setting work for your class, nothing beats outdoor learning. Just ten minutes spent in nature can reduce anxiety and stress. With children increasingly stuck in front of screens, it’s vital to find novel ways to get them outside. Here at Wildchild we love having […]

    // Added May 20, 2020

    girl enjoying outdoor learning by picking flowers

    Outdoor Learning Activities You Can Do at Home

    Here at Wildchild we’re devastated that the corona virus means countless children are missing outdoor learning opportunities and the chance to get into nature.  Our award-winning residential school trips are a perfect way to ditch the screens and get outdoors, but we must stay closed until the danger has passed. That got us thinking about […]

    // Added April 14, 2020

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