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    Information for teachers to help prepare for and promote your school adventure trip

    Resources for Teachers

    Get Ready For Your Wildchild Residential School Trip

    This information has been put together to help teachers and group leaders prepare for and promote their upcoming school trip.  If there’s anything not covered here, or that you would like more information on, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help.  We also recommend reading the FAQ’s on our website.

    Download Teacher Guide (PDF)


    We recommend sharing the Wildchild Parents guide with parents as early as possible. This information, including a kit list, faqs, example itinerary etc. will help them to prepare for their child’s upcoming school trip and plan early to buy or borrow the required kit.

    Holding an information evening for parents is an invaluable way to either launch the school trip as a way to encourage participation, or as an information evening for parents of children taking part. It is an essential opportunity for parents to ask questions and understand what their child should expect on the school trip. We recommend holding your information evening as early as possible.

    We are happy to come along to your parents evening (subject to location and staff availability) to present to the parents and answer any questions. Please ensure you give us plenty of notice of your intended presentation date in order for us to plan this in. We are also happy to provide you with a parents evening presentation if required.

    If this is your first time on a Wildchild school trip, we recommend you join us for a preview of the site in advance of your trip. Please contact us to arrange a convenient date and time.

    Although it is the responsibility of each child to ensure they have all the compulsory items from the kit list, it may help you to bring a few spare items that should they be forgotten, would seriously affect pupils’ enjoyment of the trip. These include

    – Water bottles – we advise bringing a few spare reusable bottles (that can be filled up on site) in case any children forget theirs, as staying well hydrated during physical activities is of the utmost importance.
    – Spare clothes / layers – if you have spare jumpers, coats, cardigans, socks etc. in your lost property, we’d advise bringing these. It can be easy to underestimate how cold it gets at night when camping, or how wet / dirty clothes can get when taking part in outdoor activities, and having spare layers in case some children don’t bring enough can be hugely advantageous.
    – Spare sleeping bag/s / blanket. Accidents can happen even among older children, so we recommend bringing at least one spare bedding set or sleeping bag.

    Please remind parents and children that all shoes and clothing should be named wherever possible. Any clothes and shoes brought on camp will get muddy, so please do stress to children (and parents!) that anything they bring to wear, they should be prepared to get dirty!

    First Aid
    Wildchild camp leaders are first aid trained, however we would ask that you appoint a first aid trained teacher or staff member to respond to minor first aid requirements (plasters etc) on the school trip. Furthermore, it is essential that you provide a first aid kit with appropriate contents for the outdoor setting.

    Please also ensure any member of your party requiring medication, including asthma inhalers, brings it with them. Teachers will be responsible for arranging and administering any medication required.

    Money / Valuables
    There isn’t an opportunity for children to spend money, so we advise against bringing any cash.

    Wildchild can’t be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property incurred on the school trip, therefore we would ask you to stress to pupils that anything valuable including jewellery, expensive clothing, electronics, cameras and mobile phones, should not be brought on the school trip.

    A Wildchild adventure provides an opportunity for pupils – and teachers – to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, go back to basics and really appreciate and enjoy the physical outdoor activities on offer. We therefore work towards a ‘no technology’ rule for the trip as much as possible, not just for safety, but to get the most out of the experience.

    Group information/Dietary Requirements
    Your Group Medical and Dietary requirement forms will be emailed to you 12 weeks prior to the trip.

    Please ensure these are completed and returned to us no later than 6 weeks prior to your arrival date, in order for us to make all the necessary arrangements in preparation for your school trip.  Don’t forget to include the names of all accompanying teachers, as well as their dietary requirements. We cannot guarantee to accommodate additional requirements provided after 6 weeks prior to the event. If you wish to discuss any complex dietary requirements please feel free to call and discuss these with us by 6 weeks prior to the event.

    Once we have received your completed group booking form you will be given a breakdown of number of tents / pods and children per room. Please arrange to group children in their tent / pod numbers in advance of the school trip, to enable a smooth settling-in process on arrival.

    When you complete the dietary requirement section on your information form, please provide the names of the pupils with their dietary requirement, so we can ensure they are given the right meals at mealtimes.  Please also ensure teacher names/details are provided on this list.

    Activity programme / risk assessments
    These will be provided 6-8 weeks prior to the school trip, once the payment balance has been received. Please ensure you provide the names  for every teacher or staff member coming on the school trip, and ensure they receive these along with any other relevant information in the run up to the trip.


    Meals are freshly prepared on site in line with schools’ healthy eating policy. Menus are chosen to ensure children are receiving the balanced nutrition they need to give them plenty of energy for their active time on camp.

    Dietary requirements are catered for, but as we are catering for large numbers of children at a time, fussy eating can’t be accommodated, and children will be encouraged to enjoy the plentiful and substantial meals available.

    Other than their packed lunch for the first day, we ask that children don’t bring food, as all meals for the duration of their school trip will be provided. We have some very persistent squirrels who will quite quickly hunt out snacks in tents, so to avoid any issues we have a ‘no food in accommodation’ policy.

    We provide marshmallows for the children to toast around the campfire, however if you require marshmallows to suit specific dietary requirements (eg. Vegetarian, halal, gluten-free) please arrange to bring these with you.

    Health and Safety
    A thorough risk assessment has been carried out, and a copy of our risk assessments will be emailed to the school well in advance of your school trip.

    Departure and arrival times
    On your booking confirmation email you will find your departure and arrival times. These have been set to work with your activities and meal times, so please ensure your coach driver is aware of these times well in advance. Should you need to change either of these times for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible and well in advance of your school trip. Please ensure you read the directions and instructions on the route and coach drop off point and share these with your coach driver prior to departure.

    Sleeping arrangements for teachers

    Teachers’ tents sleep up to 2 people in separate sleeping compartments. You will be provided with a double air bed with a fitted sheet, and we recommend bringing a warm sleeping bag and pillow. You may wish to bring an additional blanket for your warmth and comfort.

    Teacher pods come with a desk, space for two/three teachers, underfloor heating and electrics for charging.  Please bring your own bedding (pillow / sleeping bag and blanket).

    Phone signal and charging
    Limited reception is available on site, so you should be able to receive emails, texts etc. and be able to make and receive phone calls. We strongly recommend bringing a portable phone charger.

    Teacher support and involvement
    We find teachers who get involved in the activities help to ensure that their pupils get the most out of the outdoor experience, as well as improving communication and relationship-building that directly benefits classroom learning and teaching.

    Our instructors will  deliver fun and engaging activities that gets the best out of your pupils. While our instructors will take overall responsibility for the planning and delivery of activities, we do expect teachers to get involved as much as possible, and at all times there should be a minimum of one teacher with each activity group.

    We would also ask that teachers take responsibility for:

    – Getting children up and ready in the morning to be at the meeting point on time wearing the appropriate clothing / footwear, with anything they may need with them (water bottle etc.)
    – Helping pupils get seated with their food and managing any behaviour issues at mealtimes.
    – Supervising pupils during the 5pm changeover period while our instructors carry out camp tasks and prepare for the evening activities. This is usually 30 -45 mins, during which teachers will supervise showers / pupils’ chill out time. We have a range of sports equipment available (balls, cones, Frisbees etc.) that teachers and pupils are welcome to use should they wish to do so during downtime in between meals or activities.
    – A minimum of two Wildchild instructors are on camp overnight in the case of emergencies. For anything else, teachers are responsible for pupils through the night.

    A separate outdoor covered teachers’ area with fire-pit offers comfortable seating and refreshments is available for teachers to use in the morning and in the evening once pupils are settled. Tea/coffee and refreshments are also available in between activities.

    Safety / Behaviour
    While we want the children to enjoy their adventure, for their own safety and enjoyment, and to protect the natural environment, there are a few rules we would expect children to follow with regards to behaviour and camp ‘etiquette’, which we will run through on arrival.

    We have high expectations of children with regards to listening to important instructions and following camp rules. We appreciate teachers helping us by ensuring rules are followed and addressing any issues with behaviour as they arise, to ensure pupils reflect a positive representation of your school.

    Evening Camp Circle
    Our evening camp circles are what many pupils describe as a highlight of their school trip. Sitting around the camp fire with snacks and hot chocolate provides the perfect opportunity for pupils to unwind and reflect on their day. Many musical teachers and pupils use this time to sing songs, often songs or performances pupils know from school. If your teachers would like to plan a show or musical performance in advance, and/or have instruments they / their pupils would like to bring, this is greatly encouraged. Singing around the campfire tends to work best when planned in advance, and as our instructors aren’t chosen for their singing ability, we’re happy to leave the campfire entertainment to the discretion of each school!

    Finally, we feel sure that with the support of your teachers we can achieve our aim of sending children off on their last day with a sense of achievement, having fully immersed themselves in the great outdoors, and with a sense of pride in what they have achieved during their Wildchild adventure.


    • "A fantastic experience for both pupils and teachers. It's been fantastic to see the children grow with such amazing support around them""
      Markyate Primary School

    • "A perfect mix of adventurous and nature-based activities, delivered by wonderful staff in a lovely setting!""
      Fircroft Primary School

    • "It was the wholesome, outdoorsy experience these kids desperately need while growing up in London."
      Hugh Myddleton Primary School

    • "Provided the children with the independence we needed. It also created an experience they will never forget""
      Loose Primary School

    • "Wildchild’s ethos matches our own – teamwork, challenge and encouragement to face difficulties."
      Westfield Primary School

    • "Engaging, challenging, nurturing, taking all of us out of our comfort zones, connecting to the environment""
      Streatham and Clapham Prep

    • "Kids loved it and we are returning next year. Fantastic outdoor experience and different from PGL."
      Allfarthing Primary School