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school residential camp-out

School Camp-outs

If you want to offer your pupils the benefits of outdoor learning over an extended period without the additional cost and travel time required for a school residential trip, why not let us set up your own tented activity village in your school grounds.

A Wildchild residential School Camp-out is a fantastic way of providing pupils with the chance to learn new skills, engage with peers and teachers, and enjoy many of the benefits of an off-site school residential trip in a convenient location.

Traditional Tented Village

No organisation is required on your part – after agreeing a programme of activities with you we will arrange to set up a tented village for the number of pupils and teachers taking part, provide all activities and resources required, and catering. This can be for as long as you require – over-night stay or even longer. All you will need is to ensure you have a large enough outside space on your school grounds for the tented village.

Exciting Activity Programme

Supporting the curriculum and/or providing an Adventurous learning experience, our wide range of outdoor activities teach Bushcraft skills and exciting adventures.   Pupils can also benefit from exciting new skills-building activities such as Fencing, Skateboarding, and Archery and creative workshops including Fashion Design and Animation.

Bespoke Itinerary

Our school residential camp-outs are tailored to your school to provide a learning platform that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. We work closely with teachers to develop an itinerary for your residential trip accounting for children’s age ranges, types of activity (bushcraft, adventure or a combination of both), the reason for the camp (end of year reward, leavers camp, teambuilding etc) and your desired outcomes (eg. to improve social skills between peers and/or teachers, encourage independent thinking prior to moving on to a new school or Key Stage, teach practical skills not easily taught in a classroom setting).

Dedicated, experienced Instructors

Children will be supervised and activities run by dedicated, experienced Wildchild instructors who will not only deliver the activities, but also stay with the children for the duration of their residential stay, (including meal-times and evening activities).

Wildchild School Camp-outs are tailored to suit each school’s individual requirements and objectives. If you are interested in booking a Camp-out for your school please contact us on 0845 3717099 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke activity quotation.