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PPA Cover for Schools

The regular time set aside for Primary school teachers for Planning, Preparation and Assessment is vital for both teachers and children. It does however provide a challenge for teachers and Headteachers to ensure these PPA sessions are covered, and that the time is used effectively to cover key curriculum areas.

At Wildchild we offer a unique solution to your PPA requirements that will also provide your pupils with engaging and inspirational activities in line with key curriculum areas. Our innovative range of outdoor adventure, practical bushcraft activities and skills-based learning programmes means your PPA cover could provide a unique PE session, a hands-on arts & crafts session (learning to use and manipulate natural outdoor resources) or a creative way to explore a classroom topic.

Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils can enjoy activities including Fencing, Archery, Skateboarding, team-building and problem-solving activities and outdoor adventure sessions, giving those who enjoy sport and those who don’t the chance to try something completely different.

As with all our activities our PPA cover programmes are tailored for each school, so please contact us to discuss your requirements, and allow us to develop exciting cover sessions providing the support you need.

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