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    Brilliant Residential trips for schools


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    At Wildchild we are proud to support Learning Away’s UK-wide campaign for Brilliant Residentials trips for schools.

    The result of research and analysis of 60 primary, secondary and special schools in the UK, the Brilliant Residentials campaign aims to make schools and parents aware of the importance of offering pupils, what they term, ‘brilliant’ residentials.

    Set up as a special initiative by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Learning Away highlights the positive impact that high-quality residential learning can have on learner engagement and achievement, on peer and teacher-student relationships, and on the powerful professional development opportunities it can provide for staff.

    Yes, we deliver BRILLIANT residential trips!

    Learning Away have outlined the following criteria that classify school residential trips as ‘brilliant residentials’, and at Wildchild we are proud to be able to tick each and every box

    – Residential School Trips that are fully integrated with the school curriculum and ethos

    – Designed and led by teachers and, where appropriate, students

    – Inclusive and affordable

    – Collaboratively planned to meet students’ specific learning needs, and to embed and reinforce learning back in school

    – Designed to include a wide range of new and memorable experiences

    – Designed to allow space for students to develop collaborative relationships with both peers and staff

    – Evaluated rigorously

    – Supported by senior leadership and school governors.

    What you can expect on your Brilliant Wildchild Residential trip

    The Learning Away report gives a number of key elements you should expect to find on a Brilliant residential. We’re delighted to say these can be found on every Wildchild Adventure, and here’s how…

    An overnight stay that offers an intense experience, a collaborative community environment, new routines, unstructured time and fewer distractions.
    Our authentic ‘under canvas’ camping experience set in spacious woodland, provides an easily accessible haven away from screens and deadlines, with much-needed reflection and downtime built into each day.

    A Brilliant Residential breaks down existing barriers and power relationships, enables students and teachers to work collaboratively, and works as a leveller for students and teachers, in an environment where the teacher is not automatically the expert.
    On a Wildchild Residential trip for schools our well-trained, experienced staff take responsibility for pupils throughout their activities, leaving teachers free to engage in teambuilding and confidence-building activities with their students.

    Different and varied opportunities to experience success.
    Our combination of teambuilding, survival skills building and outdoor adventure activities means achievement on a Wildchild Adventure is about much more than simply who climbed highest and who reached furthest. We recognise and celebrate teamwork, resilience the willingness to try new things and perseverance in overcoming personal challenges.

    New ways of learning that allow increased levels of student responsibility
    By immersing students in the great outdoors and introducing them to invaluable survival skills like fire-lighting, water filtration and navigation, children learn independence, resilience, and respect and appreciation of the great outdoors.

    The REAL benefits of a School residential trip

    The results of the Learning Away report highlight a wealth of positive benefits to pupils and teachers that go beyond what is often viewed as the main benefit of the residential trip – i.e. the activities themselves. These are just a few of the benefits a Brilliant Residential school trip can bring:

    The opportunity and experience of living with others
    Learning Away found that this experience ‘transforms relationships and develops a strong sense of community and belonging between staff and students involved’.

    Enhanced relationships
    Students feel more comfortable with each other, they feel more able to ask their teachers for help, trust each other and empathise with their peers.

    Improved engagement and confidence in learning
    Increased motivation, improved behaviour and attendance, enhanced confidence and resilience, a greater ability to overcome challenges and a greater enjoyment of learning.

    New and developing skills and understanding
    New learning continues to develop beyond the residential, including independent learning, study and research, team working, problem solving and self management. Pupils return to the classroom with a better understanding of their topics, improved creativity and an increased ability to apply learning and skills in new contexts.

    Long term benefits for a school residential trip

    In the long term a Brilliant Residential leads to improved achievement, progress and attainment, as well as improved relationships, behaviour and attendance.

    The research is clear – the benefits of a residential trip for schools are far-reaching and long term, making these invaluable experiences an integral part of every child’s education, regardless of their socio-economic background.

    We are proud to support the Brilliant Residentials campaign, and will continue to work in partnership with schools to deliver inspirational experiences for the benefit of your teachers and pupils.

    Find out more about our residential school trips for primary and secondary schools

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